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16 February 2017
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You want to go on safari, but don’t know how to start, pick the right destination, choose the perfect time to see the wildlife.
How to get organized in those choices. Who can give the correct answers?
You don’t know where to go if you want to see the elephants, or the lions? you are scared to pick the wrong season?
All those answers can be found here according to your orientation.
Very soon, you will be able to select the correct hotel lodge or camp in the right country for the right season.
So let yourself dream for the wild, imagine you can start your journey and enjoy the beauty of the scenery, take your pictures in the middle of the wildlife, once upon a time in your life, create your perfect destination. Choose tranquility, you came to find peace you will find fulfillment.
Follow us in the best wild protected areas in this african world. Not only you be amazed but will see life in another way, so “follow the leader” and let go…

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